Goleta has a long history as a Chumash Indian settlement and an early agricultural center where lemons, dairies and ranches dominated.  It is now a center for diversified enterprises ranging from high tech electronics, medical research to light manufacturing.  It proudly claims the title of an R & D center with approximately 80 research and development firms.

Goleta is also one of the state’s newest cities.  Incorporated in 2002, is has approximately 30,000 residents within its 478 acres.  The entire Goleta Valley is home to approximately 80,000.

Two major institutions that dominate the Goleta area: the world-renowned University of California at Santa Barbara, known for its outstanding programs and Nobel Laureates, and the Santa Barbara Airport. Neither is within the city limits as the airport is under the City of Santa Barbara ownership and UCSB is in the unincorporated area of the county. They are both spin offs from the Marine base built here during World War II.

For recreation, Goletans have five local golf courses, a bowling center, biking or hiking trails, the newly acquired baseball and soccer fields, the always in-use Community Center, and the wonderful Goleta beach for swimming, sunning or fishing.  My personal favorite is the butterfly refugee where you can enjoy a magical experience among millions of monarchs during the winter.

Shopping is close by with a Costco, Home Depot, and other large national stores as well as a variety of local Mom and Pop specialty shops. There are several movies theatres and a wide variety of cultural activities at the University.  Santa Barbara and its varied activities are just a few miles down the road.

Goleta boasts excellent schools and youth can take advantage of a number of sports teams, The Boys and Girls Club, Girls Incorporated and the Page Sports Center for after school activities.

The climate is moderate with summer temperatures between 52-75 and winter 41-67. The average rainfall (usually between October and May) is 15”.  Humidity is in the medium range and the average air quality is good.

Now you know why the locals call this Goleta—the Good Land.  I hope that I can help you make this your treasured home.